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Food lover

Food lover is to give you a indian traditional food recipes, cooking tips,snacks,veg recipes and non veg recipes


        Food lover is created in purpose of changing delicious food around us into our authentic taste.Food lover consists of Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes . Here you will get the guide for doing indian recipes

       In day to day life, many stress factor will come and go. But the time we will not feel the stress is eating.so rather than having food from restaurant, we can spend few minutes in our kitchen and make delicious food as we like . It keep our health and mind enthusiastic.  

          Now, I have created FOOD LOVER blog according to my interest. Here I post recipe to my level of taste and what I do in my kitchen. I try different recipe and change it to my taste and post here. It mainly like the taste of tamilans as I am from Tamil Nadu.

          You can also do FOOD LOVER recipe in your home and feel the taste of  Hmmmm...😄